Getting it off my chest!

Exactly one month ago on the 20th June I was told I had a tumour. Within minutes I thought to myself I must document this new chapter of my life. The intention was to start that very day but as it turned out, that day and every day after that turned into one long, long day!

Finally I find myself with just about enough time to jot down a few words. In the next weeks I will attempt to recapture the events that have bought me to this day and that will ultimately lead up to my operation. Luckily I carried a little notebook with me to record events as they happened.

Perhaps in writing this blog I will finally be able to digest the fact that I have breast cancer. The news was so out there and somewhat surreal to me. It seemed like the last month was totally out of my control as I attended appointment after appointment. It was almost like it wasn’t happening to me.

This is a journey I never expected to take, but now I’m onboard I intend to make the most of this experience. See a few new sights and visit parts of myself I probably never even knew existed.

You are all very welcome to join me on my new adventure wherever it might take us.

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My name is Alexandra, I'm 47 and live in Berlin, Germany.

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