Day 1 – Pre-Op Day

Day 1 (10.8.2015)

Pre-op day
I woke up at 6am this morning to the sounds of Cake’s version of ‘I will Survive!’ Blaring from my iPhone. I cursed myself for not having packed the night before, but then I had fallen asleep by around 7pm after trying to recover from a friend’s birthday party the night before that. At the time it felt good to stay out till 5.30am but now? Now It’s after 1am and I can’t sleep at all. Must be the adrenalin from the days event.

Back to the waking up and dragging myself to the bathroom. As I sat there I was thinking ok brain let’s be methodical about this and not panic pack! That’s right… 15 minutes later I had totally panic packed and it looked as if I was going on holiday for a fortnight. This can’t be right I thought. I muttered to my freshly awoken boyfriend ‘I think I’ve packed too much.’ His half open eyelids shot up in disbelief. That’s a yes then I take it! I started to unpack and repack again weeding out non essentials. It was not a very successful attempt considering the only thing I managed to extract was a gold lame mini skirt…Yeah, my thoughts exactly!

We were running out of time so I ran around looking for cables and chargers, cramming them all into my bag like a giant ball of fairy lights. It looked like a potential unraveling disaster.

It was time.

The ride to the hospital was very calm indeed. Once here I was admitted rather quickly and shown to my room and what a lovely room it is too. A spacious private room with a lovely roomy bathroom, table and chairs set in front of three large windows framing a spectacular view over Berlin as far as the eye could see. Wunderbar…

Off for my tests now, back in a jiffy!

Back! In the same way I never managed to start my blog on day one, I can not finish this. I have to wake up in a few hours and be prepped for surgery. It’s already 1:15 am and I am the first surgery of the day. I do hope my surgeon is already in Slumberland and I don’t mean the bar of the same name in Schöneberg!

I will hopefully be able to finish this at some point tomorrow or Wednesday perhaps. actually I’m so tired now that I might not have to take the natural sleeping pill the lovely night nurse gave me earlier. Ok my eyes are going. Will attempt to post this now and edit it later. Hopefully not too many mistakes ;D.

Crazy I just accidentally hit iTunes and it started to play ‘Sleep Like a Baby Tonight’ by U2, must be a sign!


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